Where we practice the positive power of YET!

It’s a new school year and I am really excited to kick off the 2017-2018 school year.  This year we will be practicing the power of yet to dig into engaging math and language arts activities.

In my classroom we know that every student is valued for their contribution and that with the power of yet we can push ourselves to learn and do many new things! So you may be asking “What is the positive power of YET?”  Well, it is a postive thinking tool that I encourage my students to use when they encounter something difficult. We learn that although some things may be hard they will not always be that way.  With lots of practice and the power of yet, we tell ourselves…

I am not good at this…YET!

I do not know this…YET!

This doesn’t work…YET!

I can not do this…YET!